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Don't reserve from here no matter what! I used for a bachelor party and the bachelor said they were a joke. They lied about pricing, I ordered 3 girls for two hours and got two girls for 50 minutes. They didn't do a strip dance for anyone unless you paid them for additional lap dances. One girl stayed clothed and neither girl was one of the ones I requested on website. Most importantly they weren't even hot. Read more

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Do not trust these people in your house. My husband had Heidi as their ***. She used my bathroom to get ready. She went though all my drawers and stole all my makeup. More then 300 dollars of it. I Called And Spoke To Mark about it. He Tried To tell me he didn't have any shows in my area. He couldn't lie anymore after I had all the information of the *** at my house. STAY AWAY UNLESS YOU WANT THINGS STOLEN Read more

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The guy I talked to said a dancer would be out within 20 minutes. After 20 minutes another guy called back and said since I had called another service "that's what *** happens" and told me no one would come out

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On saturday august 23rd i ordered 2 girls at 6:30pm to my house in Stickney, IL for my brother's bachelor party. My house was packed with 30 guys waiting on the show. I called mark at 7pm looking for my girls and there was no answer. I kept calling and leaving messages and nobody every picked up or called me back. By 10pm all my guys were getting wasted and starting to leave and we never got the girls to show up. We ended up going to a club... Read more

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I recently tried to set up a bachelor party for my friend with (To call it a business or company would be giving them too much credit.) I ordered a 2 girl show, pick out my girls from the fake site and was assured they would arrive at 9:00pm like I asked. 9:30... No show. I called and mark says they are stuck at another job and wont be there till 12:30! After all my guest will leave. 1:00AM... No show, Marks phone rings and goes to... Read more

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We ordered 3 nude waitresses only 2 showed and not what I ordered. One who was 45 years old and the other was ok but was dirty and smelt bad. They didn't get full nude. Then two hours later an under aged girl showed up to do "show" which I didn't order for extra money. This place is a joke and don't let eden stippers management post on here fool you. They are just saving face and they wont reimburse your money. So "Mark" if your reading this I... Read more

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This company does not seem legit. Looked at the website, found some girls I liked. Texted the number provided and spoke to Mark. Told me the girls were available but after a little research I soon realized they were fake. Just do a simple image search on Google and you will find that most of the girls pictured on the website are someone else or purchased images off of iStock. Not cool. Luckily I caught this before our party so I didn't get... Read more

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You go online you check out the girls and what you see is not what you get.We ordered up 3 girls...1 shows up the others are running and hour behind to top it off the 1 the 1st one that showed up was not one we ordered but looked okay so we kept her.The next 2 show up and like I said an hour late and it was far from what we ordered ugly looking bust downs.That punk Mark is a fraud and he bullshits to get the *** there and it's all ***...We sent... Read more

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This is easy to sum up. Girls you pick and order are great looking. Then they send who ever they want ( (Very ugly girls) . The guy you book with tells you whatever he wants( all lies) the girls showed up at 10:30 and another show at 11:30. I Payed for 2.5 hours. Please don't ever give these people your business. Never been lied to so badly in my life. I know its a hard economy, but telling nothing but lies to get business does not sound like a... Read more

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Fortunately, we offer a 100%, money back guarantee on all of our services--that's unheard of in this business. Unfortunately, does NOT allow consumers to edit or remove their comments--even if they wanted to. Just wanted to note that, had any of these complaints been REAL complaints (rather than desperate competitors who troll the internet late at night because they can't get real business) they would have called and received... Read more

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